Difficult, Edema w/Jaundice, Edema Localized to the Legs with Severe Edema & Mild Jaundice

Mild Jaundice / Severe Edema –

Concentration 4.0%

Remember – Preservation over Coloration


These cases can be quite difficult.  Proper chemical choice is extremely important.  Do not get confused allowing the jaundice condition of the body to fool you into a lower concentration solution.  One can cover discoloration to the skin with cosmetics or airbrush much easier than covering the smell of decomposing tissue.

Dilution – approx. 16 oz. per gallon solution (Using a 33 index) Use Dilution Calculator for all other index’s

Directions –

  1. Dissolve 2 cups Epsom Salt completely in 1 gallon of lukewarm water; keep in separate container.
  2. Pour 16 oz of 33 index arterial into embalming machine tank,
  3. 5-8 oz of capillary conditioner,
  4. 5-8 oz. of drainage chemical and
  5. 4 oz edema chemical. Next,
  6. Add .5-1 oz Dye (add as needed) finally,
  7. Add dissolved salt water up to 1-gallon total solution* (roughly 1/3rd tank using a 3 gal. tank). Pour through nylon stockings to filter un-dissolved salt crystals from entering embalming machine tank.

Repeat as necessary.  Use professional judgment, but approximately 1 gal for every 50 lb. of body weight should be considered. 

*Some manufacturers suggest against the use of Epsom Salt, but I’ve never had an issue with all the most popular machines on the market.

Authorization to perform embalming procedures above and beyond “NORMAL EMBLMAING” is strongly recommended and may be required in some situations.

Recommended procedures:

Semi-lunar incision – allows gravity to drain edema from head, face and neck.

Restricted Cervical Injection (RCI) – First inject up into the head via Common Carotid Arteries.  Inject the carotid arteries separate Left then the Right, in that order.  Do not use a “Y-injector”.  Full control over each side is vital.

Elevate decedent as vertical as possible allows gravity to work best.

Buy some time – Keep decedent elevated as long as possible for best results.  Do not suture semi-lunar incision until time for Dressing/Cosmetics (other prep)

Under cutting with a new scalpel up the neckline and into the subcutaneous tissue of the face will expedite the draining process.

Using a hot iron assists in tightening the skin and removing wrinkling commonly seen after edema has been eliminated.