Professional Embalmers

We create a better family memory with our work.

Thank you for choosing Professional Embalmers Institute, where we provide the most relevant affordable online education for embalmers who want to create a better family memory with their work.

You are a busy professional so our education courses and embalmer continuing education courses are user friendly, designed for clear, simple and easy insights at your convenience, day or night.

Our expert instructors include the world renowned Matt Smith- known for his vast knowledge and experience in teaching award winning techniques. Matt will show you what to do, how to do it and explain why the methods work the way they do.

Certificates of Attendance can be printed online immediately, and you will always have access to those as well as to course materials. There are: NO time limits; NO hidden reporting fees, and we guarantee satisfaction or you get your money back.

When you need embalmer continuing education, Professional Embalmers Institute is the right choice because our insights keep it all simple and easy for you.