Difficult, Edema without Jaundice, Edema Localized, Face/Head, Moderate Edema

Moderate Edema –

Concentration 2.6%

Dilution – approx. 10 oz. per gallon solution (Using a 33 index) Use Dilution Calculator for all other index’s

Directions –

  1. Dissolve 1.5 cups Epsom Salt completely in 1 gallon of lukewarm water; keep in separate container.
  2. Pour 10 oz of 33 index arterial into embalming machine tank,
  3. 5-8 oz of capillary conditioner,
  4. 5-8 oz. of drainage chemical and
  5. 4 oz edema chemical. Next,
  6. Add dissolved salt water up to 1-gallon total solution* (roughly 1/3rd tank using a 3 gal. tank). Pour through nylon stockings to filter un-dissolved salt crystals from entering embalming machine tank.

Repeat as necessary.  Use professional judgment, but approximately 1 gal for every 50 lb. of body weight should be considered. 

*Some manufacturers suggest against the use of Epsom Salt, but I’ve never had an issue with all the most popular machines on the market.

Recommended procedures:

Semi-lunar incision – allows gravity to drain edema from head, face and neck.

Restricted Cervical Injection (RCI) – First inject up into the head via Common Carotid Arteries.  Inject the carotid arteries separate Left then the Right, in that order.  Do not use a “Y-injector”.  Full control over each side is vital.

Elevate decedent as vertical as possible allows gravity to work best.

Buy some time – Keep decedent elevated as long as possible for best results.  Do not suture semi-lunar incision until time for Dressing/Cosmetics (other prep).

Using a hot iron assists in tightening the skin and removing wrinkling commonly seen after edema has been eliminated.