Difficult, Jaundice Without Edema, Moderate Jaundice

Moderate Jaundice without Edema

Concentration 1.25%

Dilution – approx. 8-9 oz. per gallon solution (Using an 20-18 index arterial fluid, respectively). Use Dilution Calculator for all other indexes

Directions –

  1. Pour 8-9 oz of 20-18 index arterial into embalming machine tank,
  2. 5-8 oz of capillary conditioner,
  3. 5-8 oz. of drainage chemical. Next,
  4. Add .5-1 oz Dye (add as needed) finally,
  5. Add water up to 1-gallon total solution* (roughly 1/3rd tank using a 3 gal. tank).
  6. If you have a jaundice fluid typically they range from 8-10 index, therefore substitute the above arterial selection with the 8-10 index Jaundice fluid but use 20-16 oz. of that fluid respectively (depending on the index).
  7. Supplemental non-index jaundice fluids may be added to the total solution however this will affect the concentration slightly to correct this, add an additional oz. of arterial fluid per 16 oz. of added supplemental fluid.

Repeat as necessary.  Use professional judgment, but approximately 1 gal for every 50 lb. of body weight should be considered. 

Recommended procedures:

Consider Restricted Cervical Injection to control the amount of fluid entering the face and head.

Increase pressure and use restricted drainage (clamp drainage while injecting allowing for internal pressure to build.  This will help flush away the bilirubin).

Hypodermic treatment to the abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks and back may be necessary with a stronger solution to prevent blistering and decomposition.

Consider using the Airbrush System for more natural appearing cosmetic effect.