Case Analysis: Difficult - Emaciation - Lost Some Weight but not Too Much

Mild Emaciation

Concentration 1.75% 

Dilution – approx. 7 oz. arterial fluid per gallon of solution (Using 32 index) Use Dilution Calculator for all other index’s 

Directions –


  1. RCC or Right Common Carotid Artery, using a bra-strap incision is recommended.
  2. Embalm normally as if no emaciation was evident.  
  3. In last gallon of injection clamp off drainage and allow slight swelling of tissues and add 3-4 oz of Humectant – be certain to mix solution and run it through the machine so the solution is completely mixed prior to injecting up.
  4. Reverse the arterial tube upward via RCC Right Common Carotid Artery and inject to match left side of face.


NOTE:  Feature Builder may be needed to complete the restoration of the emaciated face.  Don’t forget about feature building the neck and hairline.