Difficult, Donor, Both Skin & Bone with Thoracic, Abdominal Autopsy, or Organ Donation - Complete Leg (1" Full Thickness Donor + Long Bones)


    1. Treat viscera in separate bucket or viscera bag using at least 4 bottles of cavity fluid.
    2. Thoroughly saturate all viscera by mixing well and snipping all viscera with surgical scissors. Embalmer may choose to dissect all organs into smaller pieces for more thorough preservation. Leave viscera to preserve and dry. 
    3. Inject the face and head using the left and right Common Carotid Arteries.
    4. Hypodermically inject all adipose and muscle tissues as well as possible, using double the concentrations.  (16 oz of 32 index fluid per gallon solution)
    5. Use cauterant packs or gels to to continue the preservation and drying of tissues.  
    6. Completely wrap the body in clean sheets and saturate in cavity fluid and/or cauterants.
    7. Cover body with plastic sheet leaving head exposed or covered with separate sheet.
    8. Let the body preserve and dry out for at least 24 hours.
    9. Return to body and carefully unwrap remains and discard sheets in appropriate plastic bag, seal and dispose.  
    10. Clean body off with clean water and soap.
    11. Remove viscera from bucket or bag and solution.
    12. Place drying and preserving powder inside cavities.
    13. Line cavity with plastic sheet and powder.
    14. Using a clean viscera bag or appropriate bag, placed in the cavity, on top of the plastic liner, place each organ inside.  Be certain to place powders inside the viscera bag with each organ, allowing each organ to stay dry and well preserved.
    15. Loosely close the viscera bag and fold over the plastic liner.
    16. Powder the entire cavity once again and suture autopsy incision.
    17. Close the head if a head post was performed.  
    18. Dry table and body once again and place body in appropriate plastics.  
    19. Sprinkle in absorbent powders inside plastics.