Case Analysis: Normal, No Autopsy, Adult, Male, 51yrs - 70yrs

Adult Male (51 – 70)

Concentration 2.5% 

Dilution – approx. 10 oz. arterial fluid per gallon of solution (Using 32 index) Use Dilution Calculator for all other index’s 

Directions – 

  1. Mix approx 32 oz. of 30-32 index arterial fluid with every 3 gallon of solution, add 1 -3 oz. of humectant fluid and use appropriate dyes if necessary.
  2. Select appropriate artery and vein, preferably the Right Common Carotid artery and Jugular vein. 
  3. Restrict drainage by closing off the vein.  This will build intravascular pressure, forcing the formaldehyde deeper into the tissues.  Release restriction to allow normal drainage.  Massaging limbs and other bodily parts may be necessary to promote distribution and diffusion of the arterial solution.
  4. After arterial embalming, check entire body for areas that received poor circulation.  These areas should be hypodermically injected and possibly treated with external packs of preservative cream. These areas are typically the buttocks, the abdomen, groin and genitals, shoulders, legs and back.  
  5. Aspirate the cavities.
  6. Fully saturate the cavities with cavity fluid approximately 16 oz. in the thorax and 16 oz. in the abdomen/pelvic region.  
  7. Close incisions
  8. Bathe and dry the body.
  9. Glue incisions and place cotton over the glued incisions.