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Carol Williams, Executive Director


Matt Smith brings a voice of calm reassurance on what to do and how to handle Covid-19. Many feel isolated and he has a way of bringing everyone together.

Topics Covered in The Course

  1. Transfer & Embalming part 1
    1. Preparation of transfer of deceased
    2. Disposing of PPE and waste material
    3. Proper application of PPE
  2. Embalming part 2
    1. Disinfecting the body
    2. Precautions when using trocar
    3. Aspiration method to minimize transfer
  3. Embalming part 3
    1. Disinfecting of instruments
    2. Closing off nose and mouth
    3. Protecting yourself and your staff
  4. Pregnant or Breastfeeding
    1. Precautions to stay healthy
    2. Covid-19 transmission risks
    3. Center for Disease Control guidelines
  5. Personal Protective Equipment, Cremation and Burial, for Funeral Home Owners – Need to KNOW
    1. Center for Disease Control guidelines
    2. Occupational Safety and Health guidelines
    3. Department of Labor guidelines
  6. Handling Visitation part 1
    1. Alternative options for viewing
    2. Taking every precaution possible
    3. How manage traffic flow and signage
  7. Handling Visitation part 2
    1. Food and Beverage guidelines
    2. How to communicate with family
    3. Encouraging family to grieve through visitation
  8. RePatriation and ShipOuts
    1. Isolation and Quarantine protocol
    2. Importation of human remains
    3. Global US Embassy protocol


Bonus – How to LiveStream

  • Tips on a Simple and Robust process
  • Guidelines on what to consider
  • Forms and Releases for legal transmission


$ 197
  • Get Transfer and Embalm Safety Tips
  • Discover Personal Protective Equipment Tips
  • Get updated CDC, OSHA, Dept of Labor Guidelines
  • Discover Tips on Handling Visitation RePatritaition, ShipOuts, Health Concerns, Staff support, and More
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Your Instructor

Coach Matt Smith

The opportunity to impact the lives of others can present itself in many ways. But for Matt Smith, he answers that calling every day in his life’s work. In death, he restores beauty and creates a greater family experience by making the loved one “Perfectly Presentable”.

If there ever were a trailblazer in a profession, it is Matt Smith.  In the past 25 years, Matt has become an international icon in embalming and professional instruction.

“Matt MAKES the impossible POSSIBLE and the overwhelmingly challenging EASIER.”

~S. Hill

Matt is well-known for his innovative solutions for difficult case restoration and feature setting. The one to transform bodies and mindset in the most difficult cases;

  • Severe Edema
  • Severe Emaciation
  • Gun-shot trauma
  • Auto accident trauma
  • Burn victim
  • Decomposition cases
  • Jaundice
  • Infant embalming
  • Autopsy
  • Tissue Donor
  • Frozen cases
  • Multiple Complexities
  • The infamous ‘Creating the Smile’, and more. 

Developing and teaching his rarified technical procedures and artistic enhancements with his extensive experience, Matt inspires this community. He has designed well-documented visuals and instructional courses to transform the profession. Matt is driven to make an impact. But most importantly, he is an inspirational, encouraging, and compelling coach.

Matt has spoken to numerous groups, Colleges, and Associations including the American Board of Funeral Services Education. Internationally Matt has presented for the NFDA, ICCFA, ABFSE, AFE in Hong Kong and  Macau, and Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In the United States, he has presented at state association conventions in 30 states.

Embalming nearly 19,000 bodies during his career since graduating in 1994 from John A. Gupton College in Nashville, TN, Matt has been a trade embalmer for several funeral home operations in the Metro Detroit area. Matt is the owner and President of Homeward Bound Shipping specializing in domestic mortuary shipping and international repatriation.  Matt is also the founder of Professional Embalmers Institute (PEI), where embalmers from around the world gain experience with hands-on training.  Matt is the Director of Education at the Frigid Fluid Co, Chicago, IL. And the host of the “Open Casket” Podcast. 

“Matt Smith is a true professional; an embalmer with great talent who combines technical proficiency and true compassion. He serves the living by caring for the dead.” 

~Thomas Lynch


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