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It’s happened to all of us...

You walk into the embalming room expecting one thing, and then you see what you are dealing with and think … Uh … This is Not what I expected!
You may think – “Hey I got this!!! I can do anything!”
But for the rest of us, it is nice to have a little guidance, consistency, someone in your corner. Maybe even a 2nd opinion on how to handle what you are looking at.

We have made a FREE tool you can use as a consistent guideline to get the best outcome for the family.

It is our Case Analysis Tool

What does the case you are dealing with look like?

Or Maybe, a combination of several of these .... Ugh!

Welcome to our
Case Analysis Guidelines

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FREE Fluids Calculator Tool

FREE Fluids Calculator Tool –
We have made a fluids calculator tool you can use as a guideline to get the best outcome for injection and feature setting.

What if the case has edema?
Or worse, what if the case has severe edema?
What if you are facing emaciation?
How do you know how to accurately create secondary dilution for each scenario?

There are many other scenarios you can use this helpful Free tool for!

With this simple, easy to use FREE calculator, you can determine the suggested arterial fluid concentration for the case you are looking at.

Check out how it works ….


Most Important, I want to thank you for being here! Most likely, you have seen our efforts to make our profession better. It is possible we have spoken personally. Either way, we are in this together. Don’t be bashful to use these free resources. Maybe, more importantly, don’t be bashful to invest in yourself!!

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