The Embalmer’s Journey

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Very few professions are as high impact behind the scenes as embalmers.

Every embalming student I know enters the profession with a passion to serve others. 

The demand and expectations in this profession are intense. Compassion Fatigue is something we all face and all need to have a plan to deal with.

What I am saying is, “We need to take care of ourselves so we can be our best at serving others.” 

Interestingly, in a field focused on caring for the deceased and their grieving families, the mental health of the embalming professional is often neglected. With random long hours, unpredictable workweeks, and extreme emotional demands, our profession is continuously exposed to significant psychological stressors.

At times, you may feel like a martyr. Few are able to have empathy for the burden we carry. We often internalize this for the families we serve. It is extremely stressful. Then to add to the strain, if you are a trade embalmer like I am, you may go through spells where it gets a lot slower than you prefer. 

The line of being a caregiver and also taking care of yourself is difficult to walk. We see things many could never imagine and yet we are expected to keep it all together for those we serve and our own families.

The truth is it can be so challenging that embalmer attrition is massive. Together, is a problem we can change. 

I am truly grateful for this community. We have the ability to make a great impact. But, sometimes we need a reminder.

We Create a Better Family Memory Because of Our Work

Be encouraged today and every day. In this community of embalmers, you have support and are surrounded by professionals who get it. 

We are in this together. We are the champions of serving families in what may be their most difficult life circumstances.

Thank you for who you are and what you unselfishly do for others!

Matt Smith

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