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Living a Life of Great Impact

The opportunity to impact the lives of others can present itself in many ways. But for Matt Smith, he answers that calling every day in his life’s work. In dealing with death, he restores beauty and creates a greater family experience by making the loved one “Perfectly Presentable”.

And now, You can too!

If there ever were a trailblazer in a profession, it is Matt Smith.  In the past 25 years, Matt has become an international icon in embalming and professional instruction.

“Matt MAKES the impossible POSSIBLE and the overwhelmingly challenging EASIER.”

~S. Hill

We’ve all seen it, difficult cases.  And often, once we get into the embalming room, we realize this one is going to be even more of a challenge than what we were told or what we expected.  Together, we can overcome these obstacles and create an excellent outcome. 


The Future of Learning is Upon Us

Matt is well-known for his innovative solutions for difficult case restoration and feature setting. The one to transform bodies and mindset of embalmers in the most difficult cases; 

  • Severe Edema,
  • Severe Emaciation,
  • Gun-shot trauma, 
  • Auto accident trauma,
  • Burn victim,
  • Decomposition cases, 
  • Jaundice,
  • Infant embalming,
  • Autopsy,
  • Tissue Donor,
  • Frozen cases,
  • Multiple Complexities,  


And The infamous ‘Creating the Smile’, and more.   

Developing and teaching his specialized technical procedures and artistic enhancements with his extensive experience, Matt inspires this community. He has designed well-documented visuals and instructional courses to transform the profession. Matt is driven to make an impact. But most importantly, he is an inspirational, encouraging, and compelling coach.

“Matt Smith is a true professional; an embalmer with great talent who combines technical proficiency and true compassion. He serves the living by caring for the dead.” 

~T. Lynch

Now you have all the tools at your fingertips, literally!  You can watch, rewatch, ask, listen, and study the rarified techniques.

This is a revolutionary method of instruction. 

We want to offer detailed learning that inspires change. The best way to accomplish this is to give you direct access to Matt Smith. Included are future live video chats interacting with him. In the live video chats, you are able to ask specific questions on the specific procedures with the video course as a live reference.  The time with Matt will be live video chats on zoom where you and other embalmers can ask very specific questions on the procedures to get further details, explanation, and clarification on each step. The online live video chats will be recorded and included in the course material so as you are implementing the techniques (after watching and rewatching the courses), you will have additional opportunities with Matt in the future to clarify and feel more confident in every step of the procedures.  

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