UnSung Heroes – Need Supplies

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Matt was called on to give a special  “State of the Profession” on the;

  • Need for PPEs
  • Massive Benefit We Are to the Families WE Serve
  • Importance of saying a Proper Goodbye

This is much needed and timely message!!!

United States-Families across the world are trying to grieve the loss of loved ones who died without a final visitation and celebration of their life. Matt Smith, international speaker and founder of Professional Embalmers, wants to tell the story about the unsung heroes during this pandemic and how difficult their jobs can be. Funeral Services are so important right now.

This is OUR Battlefield

MATT SMITH-It is difficult for us in funeral services because we’re on a battlefield here taking on all casualties. What’s not being talked about is funeral services.  We are hearing a lot about doctors and nurses which are vitally important. But now I’m starting to hear about restaurants and, they’re being supplied PPEs with carryout orders. Here we are as embalmers and funeral directors, and no one is talking about us. I just want to bring awareness here; We are doing it too!

Vic Micolucci-Tell me about the services and, and why it’s so important to protect your staff and the people that come in and out of the doors of our funeral homes of our memorial services?

MATT SMITH-The safest dead body is a well embalmed dead body. In order for us embalmers to do our best, we need to have the proper protection as well. It all starts with protection.

If we’re protected, we can properly disinfect, sanitize, and preserve these bodies to give the families exactly what they need. Ironically, this is what every funeral professional signs up for- to give families freedom to work through their own grief process.  This is what we are prepared for. We’re emotionally connected to serving, we’re educated, we’re prepared to help these families, but we can’t do it if we’re being neglected in the personal protective department.

Vic Micolucci-And tell me about people that want to honor their loved ones. Obviously you are working in this industry every single day. What can they do to make sure that whoever was so very special to them is honored appropriately during these times?

Our Job is to Create a Proper Goodbye

MATT SMITH- Unfortunately some may feel pressured to choose cremation. A challenge with this is that the families may not have proper closure with a loved one. Our job is to create a proper goodbye with the family. For listeners, you have the option to speak with your funeral professionals.

Speak to the funeral director, talk to them about alternative ways to view. There are methods of livestreaming that can help. Let’s remember that it has taken an emotional toll on families losing their loved ones without closure and they need closure. We’re talking about the problems with our health. Emotional health is vitally and equally important. Imagine losing your, your father, mother, friend, son, or daughter. You didn’t see them when they were dying and you couldn’t see them when they were buried. Funeral providers provide that for them. We can still do that.

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